I’m Oregon born and raised. I’ve lived in my beautiful home city of Portland my whole life, besides 10 years in New York and Seattle, and a few at the very beginning. Studio practice began in earnest during adolescence, in the basement, with and without friends, batik wax melting on the hotplate and collage and quilting projects spread out, pen and paper at the ready for writing. I have written poetry and journals consistently since then. At 20, it became obvious that I had to learn to draw so I went to art school, undergrad + grad. I work now in photography, drawing, painting, and this necklace business that I’ve worked up in the last 5 years.

My art life run parallel with being an active co-owner of a 35-year-old Portland family business, HOTLIPS Pizza. Check it out. At HOTLIPS I direct the aesthetic development of the brand, seeing that it stays true to its foundation: pleasure, culture, intellectual rigor, aesthetic beauty, and responsible business. In all my work I attempt to create a respite from our chaotic world, making quiet space, allowing the inherent complexity – and good fortune – of our lives to come into view.

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About my shop

My love affair with beads began one day I had nothing perfect to wear to an important, proud moment in the spotlight. I wanted to feel confident, daring, sexy, designed and very well dressed. That first necklace was a little clunky but it did the trick. Immediately I made more for myself and now I wear at least one every day. Since that auspicious evening, I have made many to share through my website, private appointment and twice-yearly gallery salons. Clients tell me the necklaces help them feel strong and beautiful, with a sense of confidence walking into room, a pep in their step on the street. Bring on the beauty!

I want to make it easy to carry beauty out into the world and to help people feel alive. The presence of the beads, the temperature changes and sensations, being able to touch them all day long, these are great benefits. Clients become very attached to their necklaces; many have more than one.

If you love to wear beads, or love someone who does, I invite you to have a look in these pages. Should you be interested in purchasing art - paintings, drawings, enamels or photographs - please send me a message here and I’ll get some pricing to you. You can browse my jewelry shop here.

Thanks for taking some time with art.